• ForKids
    CLIENT:  FORKIDS The Auroris creative team wrote an original song and filmed a cinematic story, called “I’m Going Home”, telling of a family being evicted, entering the shelter, and finally having a place to call home.  READ MORE >
  • Product Is Our People
    CLIENT:  LIBERTY TAX SERVICE Our team found the best stories among the people that are Liberty Tax- from tax preparers to managers to franchisees.  READ MORE >
  • Life Happens
    CLIENT:  LIFE HAPPENS Auroris was tasked with producing the communication pieces for the 2014 campaign through a fun and creative video communicating the message that “life happens” featuring its celebrity spokesperson Boomer Esiason.  READ MORE >
  • The Tax Day Experience
    CLIENT:  LIBERTY TAX SERVICE Liberty Tax wanted to create a buzzy PR event on Tax Day- the last official day to turn in taxes to the IRS. We created and staged a Red Carpet experience on Times Square unlike any other.  READ MORE >
  • "I Want to Go Home"
    CLIENT:  THE DWELLING PLACE A local emergency homeless shelter housing children and their guardians was experiencing major funding cuts and set backs. As part of our "Auroris Gives Back" program, we took them on as a pro-bono client.  READ MORE >
  • My Refund Story
    CLIENT:  LIBERTY TAX SERVICE Liberty Tax wanted to highlight one of the company's core values- consistent authentic engagement in the local communities they serve.  READ MORE >
  • Beautiful Game
    CLIENT:  1GOAL, SABC We developed a 1-hr broadcast documentary highlighting organizations working to give hope using sport, and using celebrity spokespersons to raise the visibility of the cause: FIFA and 1GOAL.  READ MORE >
  • Serve The City
    CLIENT:  SERVE THE CITY, INT'L Our goal was to cause the movement to spread into new countries, and volunteerism to grow, as people saw and embraced the essence of the movement.  READ MORE >
  • Times Square Flashmob
    CLIENT:  LIBERTY TAX SERVICE The client wanted to increase brand visibility, as well as establish Liberty Tax as a company with a great patriotic spirit.  READ MORE >
  • Everything Must Change
    CLIENT:  THOMAS NELSON PUBLISHERS Client wanted to extend the reach of the book by making the tour experience available for the readers.  READ MORE >

Everything Must Change

Everything Must Change





Thomas Nelson Publishers



Best-selling author and speaker Brian McLaren’s book, Everything Must Change, inspired a nation-wide tour, where nonprofit, faith and ethical business leaders could gather together and rethink, re-imagine and re-envision a different world. Client wanted to extend the reach of the book by making the tour experience available for the readers.


Our production team flew to Chicago to document the tour- to produce a relevant media piece that would allow those who could not attend to re-live the experiences and participate in the discussion.


The media DVD is being distributed nationwide via Thomas Nation Publishers available on amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, etc.